Below is a list of links that you may find are useful or interesting. I do not have any commercial interest in the linked websites/companies, I reject any responsibility for the following sites. Use these links at your own risk.

  • – My flickr photostream.
  • – My favourite lab for film development and scanning – their results are exceptional!
  • Bulletin Board – My favourite bulletin board for anything photographic (invite only).
  • – The most important website about large format photography, highly recommended. Also features a very helpful bulletin board.
  • – My favourite dealer for photographic equipment.
  • – Linhof is the world’s oldest (since 1887) still-producing camera manufacturer. In my opinion, it is also the very best. I am proud to own one of their magnificent large format cameras, a Technikardan S45 (bought used in 2012). In December 2013, I finally bought a brand-new Master Technika 3000 – a true masterpiece of a camera. Hopefully it will accompany me for the rest of my photographic life.
  • – Master Printer Wolfgang Moersch is a famous supplier for darkroom chemistry. His prints are unrivalled.


  • – Ulrich Drolshagen is an analog photographer and a friend of mine. Check out his fantastic B&W landscapes!
  • – My friend Nick Herrmanns also mostly works analog. He has a very clear vision and a great sense for composition.
  • – Website of my friend Thomas Biesewig. Check out his analog and digital street photography.
  • – My friend Joerg is mostly doing portraits/nudes and B&W landscape photography. He is an extremely sophisticated darkroom magician!
  • – Josep Costa’s website. He is also a film lover, have a look at his great medium format landscape work.
  • – Website of landscape photographer Julian Barkway. His large format work is truly exceptional.
  • – Website of landscape photographer and darkroom magician Willi Morali. I adore his B&W work since years.
  • – “some kind of photoblog” by Matthias, a fellow photographer whom I know for quite some time now…
  • – My friend Dirk Frielingsdorf shoots almost exclusively with his Minolta MD system – he is not only a great photographer, but also a real MD specialist. He knows everything about this system.